Code of Conduct for RoadBlitz Auto Mag Contributors

The RoadBlitz Auto Mag Code of Conduct is a zero-tolerance policy towards any violations of its guidelines. We take all instances of unprofessionalism, racism, sexism, or any other behavior contrary to the code seriously. 

We employ a Zero tolerance policy towards Code of Conduct violations. Zero tolerance means that every reported violation will be thoroughly investigated, and appropriate actions will be taken. This may include warning, temporary suspension, or permanent removal of the contributor, depending on the severity and frequency of the violation.

We are committed to maintaining a safe and inclusive environment for all contributors and readers of RoadBlitz Auto Mag. We encourage individuals to report any suspected violations promptly. All reports will be treated confidentially, and no retaliatory actions will be taken against those who make good-faith reports.

By enforcing a zero-tolerance policy, RoadBlitz Auto Mag aims to protect the well-being, dignity, and rights of all community members. This approach ensures that our platform remains a place where individuals can share their knowledge, insights, and enthusiasm for automobiles without fear of discrimination or harassment.


  • Contributors are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times when representing RoadBlitz Auto Mag.
  • Show respect towards fellow contributors, readers, and the community.
  • Maintain a high standard of quality and adhere to the guidelines provided by RoadBlitz Auto Mag.


  • Foster a supportive environment by providing constructive feedback and guidance to fellow contributors.
  • Encourage collaboration and teamwork among contributors to enhance the overall quality of RoadBlitz Auto Mag.
  • Recognize and appreciate the efforts and achievements of other contributors.

No Racism or Discrimination

  • RoadBlitz Auto Mag is committed to providing an inclusive and diverse community.
  • Contributors must refrain from any form of
    • Racism
    • Discrimination
    • Or derogatory behavior based on:
      • Race
      • Ethnicity
      • Nationality
      • Religion
      • Gender
      • Sexual Orientation
      • Any other personal characteristic.
  • Treat all individuals with fairness, respect, and equality, promoting a welcoming and safe environment for everyone.

No Sexism

  • Contributors must avoid engaging in sexist behavior, including but not limited to:
    • Derogatory comments
    • Objectification
    • Harassment based on gender or sexual orientation.
  • Promote gender equality and respect the diverse perspectives and experiences of all contributors and readers.

Cultivate a Culture of Positivity

  • Strive to create a positive atmosphere within the RoadBlitz Auto Mag community.
  • Foster constructive discussions, highlighting the strengths and achievements of contributors.
  • Encourage innovation, creativity, and a growth mindset among contributors.
  • Maintain a respectful and polite tone in all interactions, both within RoadBlitz Auto Mag and when engaging with the broader community.