Stuttgart’s Finest

Porsche is a luxury sports car brand that has been around for decades, and is known for its sleek designs and high performance. The brand is based in Stuttgart, Germany, and the city is home to one of the largest and most advanced automobile manufacturing facilities in the world. The Porsche factory in Stuttgart employs thousands of workers and is responsible for the entire production process of the company’s cars, from design to assembly. The factory uses the latest technologies to ensure precision and efficiency in every step of the production process, and the cars are meticulously crafted by skilled technicians who have years of experience in their field. From the raw materials to the final product, every Porsche that rolls off the assembly line in Stuttgart is the result of expert craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Cam: ILCE-7RM3 – Lens: (none) @ 35mm
Cam: ILCE-7RM3 – Lens: (none) @ 24mm

Mein Freund

This 987 belongs to a good friend of mine that is from Germany. His name is Lucas and he has an unabashed passion for anything Porsche makes. I first met Lucas at the Audi dealership here in Huntsville. When I first heard him talk I noticed he had a peculiar accent. So I started speaking to him in German – I can speak and understand German very well but I am not fluent. He was very surprised at how well I could speak the language with proper enunciation.

Long after that we followed each other on social media and developed a good friendship when we discovered our passion for German cars. Fast forward to present day, Lucas was very generous enough to allow me to drive his beloved 987. I was in shock when he joyfully told me that I should drive it. I took him up on the offer and took it for a spin. I was completely enamored by it. I had never driven a prestigious vehicle before! The rush of visceral emotion that I was feeling is something that cannot be described. There was no better way to preserve the emotions other than to take photos!