The R32 GT-R, produced by Nissan, is a legendary sports car renowned for its impressive performance and iconic status in the world of automotive enthusiasts.Welcome to Jan’s German Imported 1992 R32 GTR.

Jan (Pronounced “Yon” for John) came over from Germany back in 2019 due to work relocation. With him came this beauty. But this car wasn’t his first. It all started With a 1990 Honda CRX.

“My hands on journey started with a 1990 Honda CRX with a ZC that I had bought during my apprenticeship. I learned a lot of lessons with that one. First head gasket change, timing belt on a DOHC engine, to later on swapping a B16A1 into it, including the interior wiring harness. That B16 was the first engine I did a full tear down, replaced bearings, piston rings, lapped the valves, changed the valve springs and cams…Needless to say the connection to my little CRX was well established. But on the day I first drove an R32 GTR through a windy valley in the German forest, I knew it had to go.”

Cam: (none) – Lens: (none) @ (none)mm
Cam: (none) – Lens: (none) @ (none)mm


“Sold it (The Honda CRX) and bought the first R32 GTR, a silver one which was in rough shape over all. It came with a T78 Single Turbo and an Apexi Power FC that was on the base map.

Pulled the RB26 out of it and tore it down too. It was the right call as it had a broken ring land between the 1st and 2nd piston ring.

Pretty much at the time when that engine was rebuilt, I came across my gray 1992 R32 GTR.

It was in good condition overall, but had a spun bearing on the engine – perfect candidate for me, so I bought it and put my freshly built engine in it.

Broke it in and drove it 5 hours to Sky Engineering in the Netherlands to have it dyno tuned. Learned that the factory fuel pump wiring was unable to deliver sufficient current to the Nismo Pump to deliver the needed fuel – quick fix by replacing that circut with a 30A relay.

I will never forget that day. The car made a little over 500hp – sounded gnarly on the dyno once the external wastegate opened!

Felt even gnarlier on the Netherlands road when I went to validate the map on the road with the tuner.

Backstory Cont.

In 2013, the aftermarket and overall knowledge base was not as known as it is now, so unfortunately the fun didn’t last long:

The upgraded N1 oil pump flowed a little too much oil during high RPM on the German Autobahn, so all the oil pumped to the head and nothing in left the pan caused oil starvation and a thrown Rod on #6 at 175mph – won’t forget that day either.

Saved up money, reused what I could from the blown engine, and built the second engine for the R32. Improved on the oil flaws, this current setup has lasted through three different turbo setups, dyno and track sessions, and has  been proven reliable to this day!”

Cam: (none) – Lens: (none) @ (none)mm
Cam: (none) – Lens: (none) @ (none)mm

Mod List

CP Pistons

Manley Rods

ACL Race Bearings

Cometic Head Gasket

Tomei Poncam B

Adjustable Cam Gears

Reimax Billet Oil Pump Gears

Tomei Baffles Oil Pan

Tomei 0.7mm Restrictor Main Oil Galley

Borg Warner EFR 8374

Greddy External Wastegate.

Nismo In-tank High Flow Fuel Pump

850cc Siemens Deka Injectors

Haltech Platinum Pro tuned by Ricardo Martin

NGK Coils and Iridium Plugs

HKS Twin Plate Unsprung Clutch

D2 8-Piston 330mm Front Brakes 

EBC Yellow Brake Pads

Tein Coilovers


“I could not have done this without the help and guidance of my friends, fellow enthusiasts and professionals. 

I am grateful for all the memories made along the journey, thank you!”

Cam: (none) – Lens: (none) @ (none)mm