Did We Just Become Best Friends?

I guess you could say Kasey and I go way back…. It was a simpler time in 2010. We were all hanging out in crappy Hondas and acting too big for our britches(directed at me). We scoured grocery stores and Walmart for the latest Import Tuner or Honda Tuning to see the cars featured. We drooled over features with parts and accessories that we could only dream of having… but then we kinda grew up.

Cam: DC-S1 – Lens: LUMIX S 85/F1.8 @ 85mm
Cam: DC-S1 – Lens: LUMIX S 85/F1.8 @ 85mm

I want a Honda again

SIKE… We never grew up. Just got real jobs…


After a few years out of it, Kasey decided to get back into a Honda. Saved some cash and decided a RHD Civic hatch was his target. So he began looking for a EG that suited him perfectly. As fate or whatever would have it, this EK hatch was the right deal and in pristine condition so he grabbed it. After turning down a few money making offers, this Civic was stuck with Kasey.

Cars are like Christmas Trees

Despite the obvious of being friends, Kasey and I are kindred spirits in sorts… We love the chase of finding rare parts. It’s the hunt that drives us. Sourcing the hard to find pieces is what brings us the joy. Just like Kasey to source and entire b16 swap because of a valve cover he found. He’s even said that cars are just Christmas trees to put ornaments on them. The difference between Kasey’s car and mine is that his car is infinitely more reliable than mine… and for that. I’m immensely jealous.

His style choice on this car hits home to me. Volk wheels in my favorite color.(BRG crew)… Tasteful carbon fiber touches everywhere, suspension candy to make the HondaTech fanatic sweat, and an immaculate interior with some driver focused enhancements like a shifter.

Cam: DC-S1 – Lens: LUMIX S 85/F1.8 @ 85mm
Cam: DC-S1 – Lens: LUMIX S 85/F1.8 @ 85mm

Always Making Plans

Kasey plans on finishing his b16 swap and then just driving it…. duhhh.. Car is stupid clean so no need to try to perfect perfection. I’ll be right there documenting and helping… because I kinda owe him for hauling my car on his trailer 432 times. Thanks Kasey… you still a real one.