Ol Crumpton2tegs

I met Matt back in 2010, but the story of his Integra starts way before then… So let’s rewind the tape deck a little further back.

Matt scooped this Integra in GS-R trim with nothing but butthole and elbows as a teenager. After 20 years of owning a vehicle… from teenage to adulthood… the car has seen some things. NA builds, nitrous, supercharger (my personal favorite), and turbo.. This car has seen it all. There was even a running joke that the car only ran once every four years. Matt capitalized on that and even had a personalized tag that said the joke. In current trim, the car sports a B18C1 with all that mileage (roughly 300K) and some boost to make things spicy.

Two decades of changes… that means multiple engines. Multiple engines that have let the magic smoke out, wheel swaps, preference and tastes change. Things teenage Matt liked got removed and replaced by things that mature Matt appreciates.

Cam: DC-S5 – Lens: LUMIX S 50/F1.8 @ 50mm
Cam: DC-S5 – Lens: LUMIX S 50/F1.8 @ 50mm

Appearances can be deceiving

Despite being clean enough to eat off of, Matt drives the snot out of this thing. Of course, the car acts like it enjoys it. We all took a trip to Middle Georgia, out past where the hobbits are, for a Honda meet and my car was SCREAMING to keep up.

Side Note: I may have made us late to begin with… and we may have been trying to make up time.

Matt, like me, is a product of the HondaTech crowd. Taking styling cues from classic JDM builds, it seems it’s less about the wild and wacky and more about a classic appearance that makes everyone stop and stare. The Mugen effects, Volk wheels, proper engine bay, Recaros cladding the interior, and the suspension and brakes all compliment each other.

Just Keep Driving

Cars like Matt’s Integra are hard to replicate. It’s a product of the time he’s owned it and the time invested. Social media and the internet have made tons of us in the car community seek quick gratification.

There’s not many builds around that have serious TIME invested (my car included. lol) and it shows. I’ve heard people talk about this car like it’s a legend… in a lot of ways it is. To me, it’s a friend’s car with a killer story.

Cam: DC-S5 – Lens: LUMIX S 85/F1.8 @ 85mm