Shubash and His GTR

I am Shubash Singh, originally from Trinidad, a small island in the Caribbean. Following high school, I made the decision to relocate to Nashville for my undergraduate degree, I transitioned into the workforce within my field of study.  I still currently reside in Nashville with my wife and three children.

The car is a 2002 R34 GTR MSPEC NUR, in Millenium Jade, it has been in a hidden warehouse for the few years where the prior owner kept it along with his real Z-tune R34, 400R and R33 N1. The prior owner is one of Japan’s oldest GTR specific dealers who have supplied most of the big-name exporters with rare and also mint GTR examples for a few decades.

Cam: ILCE-7RM3 – Lens: E 17-28mm F2.8-2.8 @ 22mm
Cam: ILCE-7RM3 – Lens: E 17-28mm F2.8-2.8 @ 28mm

GTR Acquisition Process

I first noticed this car at the GTR festival where he usually trailered my car along side the other two unicorns, it has also popped up in many vlogs of the festival over the years. After researching and asking around, as well as using google translate more that I imagined we found the owner, and reached a deal and the car was sold to me. The car was actually never registered in his name as it sat in his secret storage under plastic.

This place was so secret that James, who inspected it was prohibited from seeing how to get there and taking pictures of any other cars in the warehouse. It was a long and tedious process to say the least, from acquiring, shipping and tracking the container throughout the world, and getting it approved through NHTSA show and display process.

Roughly 3 years later I’m the proud second owner of this mechanical marvel, I’m still surprised when I walk in the garage and see it sitting there. 

What was your first car, and what got you into cars?

With my dad owning a shop I had access to many but while learning to drive I used a Datsun 1200, called it flintstone due to the hole in the floorboard, it was a blast to drive, and good to learn in.

Despite its small size, Trinidad boasts a diverse and expansive car scene. During my early years there, Japanese and European cars predominated, I naturally gravitated towards JDM as I grew older. Additionally, my father played a significant role in shaping my passion for cars. He engaged in various aspects of the automotive world, from owning a body shop to racing and other vehicle modifications. This captured my attention at a young age as I would spend my time running around the shop, pretending to assist, and bombarding him with questions.

Those early experiences have left a lasting impression on me and solidified my passion.

Cam: ILCE-7RM3 – Lens: 24mm F1.4 DG HSM | Art 015 @ 24mm
Cam: ILCE-7RM3 – Lens: 24mm F1.4 DG HSM | Art 015 @ 24mm

Spec/Build Details

Note: Plan to run flex fuel and e85


  • Haltech Elite 2500 P&P Kit for r34 (keeps all factory sensors as well)
  • Haltech Rotary Trim Module for boost adjustment
  • Haltech IAT (but may swap to PRP Syltech Fast responding sensor if recommended)


  • HKS Metal Head Gasket
  • Enlarged IN/EX port
  • HKS EX STEP1 Camshaft
  • HKS Slide Cam Sprocket
  • NISMO Intake Manifold
  • Haltech WB1 Bosch Wideband
  • Haltech Oil Pressure Sensor
  • PRP Coil Pack Kit with R35 Coilpacks
  • PRP Cam and Crank Trigger
  • Syltech IAT Sensor


  • HKS GTIII-SS Sports Turbine KIT
  • TOMEI Turbine Outlet Component
  • Haltech Boost Solenoid and MAP Sensor


  • Walbro F9000285 Fuel Pump
  • Radium Hat
  • Radium Rail Mounted FPR
  • Radium Fuel Rail
  • Radium Fuel Damper
  • Radium Stainless Filter
  • Injector Dynamics ID 1050x Injectors
  • Haltech Flex Fuel Sensor
  • Haltech Fuel Pressure Sensor
  • Custom 6an Stainless Hardlines (TTR Performance)


  • Garage Defend Cooling Panel
  • HKS R-TYPE Intercooler
  • HKS Intercooler Piping KIT
  • HKS Oil Cooler Kit with Custom mounted Greddy relocation kit and hardlines(TTR Performance)
  • Nismo Radiator
  • PRP Radiator Hose Kit

Intake & Exhaust

  • NISMO Suction pipe
  • NISMO Intake Air Guide
  • HKS RACING Suction Air Flow Less
  • HKS Super Power Flow Reloaded
  • HKS SUS front pipe
  • HKS Metal catalyzer
  • HKS Super Turbo Muffler

Electrical Equipment

  • NISMO Multi Function Display Extension KIT and sensors
  • Alpine Double Din
  • Custom Rear backup
  • JL Audio MicroSub Plus

Drivetrain and Suspension

  • NISMO Copper Mix Twin Clutch
  • NISMO Strengthened Transmission Mount
  • OHLINS DFV Dampers KIT
  • CUSCO Friction Upper Arm
  • CUSCO Fr Pillow Tension Rod
  • NISMO Fr Lower Arm
  • CUSCO Rr upper arm (rear)
  • NISMO Rr upper arm (front)
  • NISMO Rr lower arm (with reinforcement plate)
  • NISMO F&R Stabilizer
  • NISMO Rear Member Brace


  • NISMO Under Floor Reinforcement Bar (Front)
  • NISMO Under Floor Reinforcement Bar (Center)


  • AP RACING CP5555 6 Piston caliper with 2 piece floating 355mm rotors
  • AP RACING 4 Piston caliper with 2 piece floating 334 mm rotors
  • AP RACING Stainless braided brake lines.


  • NISMO Z-TUNE Front Bumper
  • NISMO Z-TUNE Front Fender
  • NISMO Side Skirt KIT
  • NISMO rear undercarriage Brace
  • NISMO Rear Fender Arches
  • NISMO Rear Tow Hook

Tires & Wheels

  • Michelin Pilot Sports 4 265-35-18
  • NISMO LM-GT4 Machined Logo Ver. 10.5J×18+15


  • M-SPEC Exclusive Leather Heated Front Seats with Embroidery
  • M-SPEC Exclusive Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel
  • M-SPEC Exclusive Leather-wrapped Parking Brake Lever
  • M-SPEC Exclusive Leather Perforated Door Inner

Future plans with the car?

Right now I’m awaiting a date to have the car tuned, then enjoy it as much as possible. 

Cam: ILCE-7RM3 – Lens: E 17-28mm F2.8-2.8 @ 17mm
Cam: ILCE-7RM3 – Lens: 24mm F1.4 DG HSM | Art 015 @ 24mm

Most enjoyable part about ownership

Outside of connecting with new people who have a passion for cars, I would say it’s being able to own a piece of JDM history and putting my personal spin on how I would like the car to look and drive.