The Start Of It All….

“I started Havoc.TM around two years ago, The car community in Chattanooga slowly started dying with no hope of coming back or reviving. Riverside Chattanooga being the only BIG event in our area, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

My main goal was to bring people with all the same interest together in unison, therefore Havoc was born. from a handful of people to filling up parking lots and being one of the most well known car groups in Chattanooga, Havoc has changed my life. From cars to friends to clothing, this is what it is all about. We are Havoc and WE ARE A FAMILY”

Drew Meade (Founder & Owner of Havoc)

Cam: ILCE-7M3 – Lens: 30mm F1.4 DC DN | Contemporary 016 @ 30mm
Cam: ILCE-7M3 – Lens: 30mm F1.4 DC DN | Contemporary 016 @ 30mm

…..Fast Forward

“After 2 years of forming this ‘thought to be’ small crew, it has blown me away to see so many people enjoy cars in my area again.

With my origin being around cars with my dad and constantly at the drag strip, I always dreamed of sharing the same amount of happiness that I experienced at a young age. My goal is to change the negative in the car community and to put an end to all the stereotypes associated wit the car scene.

Car culture is a place where people with the same love and interests can come together and connect through the love for their cars. We will continue to grow and will always continue to spread the love for each other and cars. Its what we do.”

Mods List


  • AEM CA Intake
  • Piersonms Catless Downpipe
  • Full AM Intercooler Piping, Charge Pipe
  • Dual Catch Can
  • Full Custom Exhaust
  • Tuned by BTR


  • Pillar Boost Gauge Cluster
  • NRG Short Hub with Quick Release
  • NRG Steering Wheel
  • NRG Prisma Bucket Seats
  • Braum Harness Bar with 4 Point Harness


  • SEMA Widebody Kit
  • Roadruns Front Grille
  • SGW Duckbill Wing
  • NIA Design Rear Spats
  • Custom In-House Front Lip
  • Spec D Headlights
  • Wrapped in Tinybot Millennium Jade (Lips, Side Skirts, Spats and Grille are painted silver with gold flake)


  • Work VS-SS
  • D2 Air Suspension
  • Vera Air Management
Cam: ILCE-7M3 – Lens: 30mm F1.4 DC DN | Contemporary 016 @ 30mm
Cam: ILCE-7M3 – Lens: 30mm F1.4 DC DN | Contemporary 016 @ 30mm


Between Me and Drew, the grind never stops, Rome was not built in a day. One quote I like to say is “if the road is not paved good, make your own and make it perfect” some roads are bumpy and some are not the straightest and sometimes on some roads you cant see the end, but its okay. This journey isn’t meant to be easy, but with the right group and the right friends we can make this road worth driving. I have been on this road with havoc for the past year and it has gotten me further than I’ve ever expected, met people i never thought id never meet, and last but not least…. I’ve grown a family.

Dreams are only dreams if you do not act on them, Get up and make those dreams come true, pave your own path and drive it, make this world something to remember

– JTS & Drew