Insane Paint Auto Detailing

I’ve been obsessed with paint perfection for over 18 years.  More importantly I’ve been an incredibly passionate “car guy” even longer than that, since before I could drive.  I remember “building” stereo systems and sketching wheel designs on graph paper since before I even had my driver’s license.  As years went by, this passion for automobiles, for me, turned into falling in love with a flawless, wet-looking paint finish.  I don’t even really like the term “detailer” because in my opinion, that doesn’t accurately describe my love for polishing, preserving, or rejuvenating a vehicle.  Some people build engines and develop suspension components.  Some people fabricate and weld pipe to create plumbing for turbos and exhausts….. My heart has always beat for the purity of the aesthetic of automobiles.  And not just in the perfection of the paint, but also in being able to detail an engine bay to a level that would make Jesse James jealous.  Along with an interior so fresh and crisp, that you feel the need to remove your shoes to enter.

Our team’s abilities are far reaching, well beyond the capabilities of a local “detail shop.”  Not only that, but an intense understanding of the procedure, the process, the tools, the towels, and the chemistry of the chemicals.  All of these “ingredients” yield an end result that is not achievable at a “hobbyist” level.   All of this, coupled with my incredible passion for automobiles, means your baby is in the hands of a passionate professional. And the one thing that needs to be clarified, is even in our most basic detail package and offerings, you get so much more than a “quick job.” Every aspect of every package we offer, is 100% complete, so that you pick up an incredibly fresh and immaculate ride. In addition to all of the services we offer in our shop. We are also an Authorized Dealer of Shine Supply & KLIN Microfiber maintenance products! We keep multiple products in stock, perfect for the driveway detailer, and for the maintenance of your ride after we’ve completed our restoration/preservation for you! From premium, plush microfiber towels. To all the proper “juices” & additives, to wheel brushes & buckets/grit guards. WE ARE A TOTAL CARE FACILITY!!

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