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About Nick

Hello and welcome, I’m Nick Spiak, an automotive enthusiast and photographer from Greenville, SC. I am the founder of nivkmedia, a photography journey that is the culmination of all my creative interests and emotions. 

As a lifelong automotive fan, I’ve always searched for my place in the car world, but 3 years ago I discovered that my place wasn’t behind a wheel, but behind a camera lens. I come from a background in street photography where patience and timing are key, and I mesh those skills with my automotive work to create images that are beautiful but also thought provoking. 

When working with me, my clients find that the work we create together has the attention and engagement necessary for the ever-changing worlds of social media, advertising, and marketing. Whether you are looking to post the next absolute banger to your IG feed or to elevate the look of your brand, I am the guy for the job. 

Message me on Instagram or Facebook @nivkmedia or email me at [email protected]. 

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