Franklin Ramirez


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About Franklin

Raised in Huntsville, Alabama, I developed a love for cars at a young age. As I grew up, I also developed an interest in technology and began exploring web design/development and server administration during middle school. In 2012, I began my side hobby as a web designer and developer, but my passion for cars remained strong.

In 2014, I combined my love for cars and photography and became an automotive photographer. I started with a Nikon D40 and have been using a Nikon D600 until early 2023. I have now moved onto the Sony Alpha platform.

As I continued to work in web design and development, I realized there was a need for a comprehensive resource for all things automotive. I decided to use my skills to create Road Blitz Auto Mag, a “one stop shop” for everything related to cars. From events to photography and videos, Road Blitz Auto Mag is the ultimate destination for car enthusiasts in the Southeastern United States.

Today, I continue to pursue my passion for cars and technology in my free time.

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